Five Ways To Find Work Without The Internet

You who are pampered with various conveniences and conveniences of the existence of technology may be somewhat difficult to imagine life before the internet. Namely, when the fabric of communication is not instantaneous and extra efforts are needed to obtain the latest information, including job information or find Jobs Near Me . Here are some ways to find work without the internet.

1. Newspaper

Until now, the majority of newspapers are still in demand by companies or business owners as a medium to offer vacancies. Not a few also large companies that put up open positions, especially in well-known national newspapers.

2. Information from acquaintances, friends, or family

The importance of connections in the job search process is, of course, you already understand. Even in periods where the internet is the main source of job vacancy information, job search using connections is still considered one of the most efficient methods. The wider your social circle, the more opportunities to spread the word that you are looking for work.

3. Announcement or leaflet

Some ordinary business owners will post job announcements to fill vacancies at the door or through leaflets that can be found in public places, such as bulletin boards at universities, cafes, or gyms. Generally, this type of information does not specify in detail the criteria or type of work.

4. Send applications directly to the company

This method can be tried even if the company does not currently have an open position. If there is no position for you, you can request that your CV be stored for contact in the future.

5. Attend job fairs

Several times a year – usually in the months leading up to and after the graduation of students – many agencies will hold fairs for recruitment and job search. Information about ordinary events can be found at the university. Not infrequently also found universities that hold their job fairs.

At the job fair, you will be faced with a variety of company choices in one location, but this means you only have a short amount of time to leave a good impression so that the recruiter is interested in contacting you later.